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TEA TREE LEAF Sensitive Scalp Shampoo


Tea tree oil has potent, natural antimicrobial properties. It is used extensively to treat dry skin and infections. Infused with tea tree oil, this shampoo is excellent for sensitive scalps by keeping the scalp free of bacterial and fungus infections, eliminating dry flakes and soothing itchy scalps. INSTRUCTIONS: Wet hair completely. Place shampoo on palm of hand and apply on entire scalp. Massage well to lather shampoo and cleanse scalp. Rinse thoroughly.


Aqua, MEA lauryl sulfate, cocamidoprophyl betaine, cocamide dea, polyquaternium-7, glycerin, melaleuca alternifolia, piroctone olamine, methylchloroisothiazolinone, methylisothiazolinone, disodium EDTA, colour, citric acid.