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Inflammation, pimples and itchiness

Stop Scalp Irritation

Use the Juniperus Shampoo daily.  Apply soothe tonic after hair wash.

Scalp inflammation, pimples and itchiness

Stop Scalp Irritation

One Step Repair

Ultimate Hair Mask

See and feel the result immediately.  Blended with shea butter, natural oils, hydrolysed elastin and silk protein, this one step repair hair mask instantly repairs hair damage by replenishing lost moisture, strengthening hair structure and restoring its shine and elasticity.  Satisfaction assured.


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The Leonica K Story

Leonica K Trichology is a one-stop trichology centre specialising in effective, bespoke hair and scalp treatments. Our founder and principal trichologist Leonica Kei is an industry pioneer with over 20 years of expertise in the field and she is aided by a team dedicated to resolving hair and scalp issues using specially formulated hand-blended haircare products and proven trichological systems. 

Leonica K believes in a holistic approach for the health of hair. At Leonica K, we believe that haircare is just as important as maintaining a healthy lifestyle and our carefully curated trichological systems are primed at resolving every individual client’s hair and scalp issues down to the last detail.

Our professional mantra belies our belief that healthier hair makes for a healthier body. Leonica learnt the science and art of trichology at the Institute of Trichologists in the UK and set up her own Trichological centre in Singapore in 1997. From the advent of her enterprise, Leonica K has been helping countless clients resolve all sorts of hair and scalp-related issues like dandruff, hair loss and scalp inflammation.

Leonica Kei

Founder & Principal Trichologist

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