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Amanda Leong

Having an active lifestyle and being outdoors a lot takes a toll on the condition of my hair. Not to mention the postpartum hair loss! As such, I make it a point to maintain my locks every now and then and the treatments help keep them wellnourished and healthy, as well as silky smooth.

Dolores Au

Having two babies back to back in the span of 13 months took its toll on my scalp. I knew post partum hairloss was inevitable aer childbirth but I did not expect to have to deal with bald spots and was troubled by them. I don’t think I would be able to have the lush tresses I do now, without the help of Leonica and her team of hair therapists and the effective hairloss treatments that I’ve had.

Yibing Quek

I have been coming here for close to 4 years and it never fails to give me a proper scalp cleanse, massage and right tonics to boost a healthy crown. I experience periodic hair fall issues due to weight loss and work stress. LEONICA K comes to my rescue always.

Manuela Bruntrager

Throughout the pageant, my hair is constantly being styled. It takes a lot of hair spray and excess heat to achieve such a look. Frequent travelling and sun exposure cause my hair to be even more damaged. The hair experts at LEONICA K Trichology know exactly what my crowning glory needs to keep my hair rejuvenated.

Tryphena Luhur

Highly recommended. I was doubtful at first as the market is flooded with products that promise a lot but don’t actually work. Thankfully, LEONICA K shampoo lives up to its promise. I have been using their shampoo for months now and I can definitely see the difference. My hair is a lot stronger now.

Joshua Simmon

My hair started to fall as early as when I was in primary school, worsening through the years. Last year, a friend introduced me to Leonica K. I decided to take a chance. Leonica did not treat me like a customer or a patient, but as a friend that she felt challenged to help. She helped me to overcome my fear and with each session, I learn something new and see improvement to my hair


It has been a couple of months since I started going for treatment at @leonica.k for my hair loss.  Today, when I tied up my hair, it felt significantly thicker.  For months, my hair was thinning and how thick my ponytail was indicated how significant the hair loss was for me too.  To feel a fuller ponytail as I tied up my hair felt SO SO GOOD.  Thanks @leonica.k!

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