A question that I always get asked is:

“Why did you choose to become a trichologist?”

To put it simply, I wanted to create proven solutions to resolve people’s hair problems.

Initially, I started with a background in hair styling and was working in international hair care companies. During my work, I noticed that some clients had issues such as hair loss, dandruff and itchy scalp.

Some of these conditions were due to genetics, others due to lifestyle or underlying illness. Normal shampoos did not really get rid of the problem, and sometimes even made it worse! 

I then studied trichology at the Institute of Trichologists in the UK, where I learnt more about the science and art behind our crowning glory. Upon graduating in 1994, I wanted to put this new knowledge to good use, and decided to set up my very own trichological centre in 1997.

After 10 years in my practice, I also began to experiment with creating trichological products, as I felt it was important to customise more effective products for my clients. I wanted to use milder, yet equally effective ingredients.

Working with a team of trichologists, we were delighted to come up with a full range of hair care products that deliver results using mainly plant and botanical ingredients and essential oils.

Along the way, as hair care became more prominent, I have been invited to share more about trichology on television, radio talk shows, magazines and newspapers. With the right education and treatment, people will be more aware of how to care for their hair.

At Leonica K, the main message is that looking after our hair is just as important as looking after our body – and our aim is always to resolve our clients’ hair and scalp issues to the best of our abilities.

We believe in the motto: healthy body for healthy hair!