When I first started experimenting with creating my own hair care range, I found it was both an art and a science. Like cooking or baking, you need to find the right balance of ingredients to come up with a new recipe!

From the start, I knew I wanted to use natural ingredients whenever possible and so we explored using botanical, natural-based ingredients. Many of the soaps and cosmetics that most of us use also contain botanically-derived elements, and with good reason. After all, the foods we eat and obtain from nature contain many health benefits and useful properties. And the well-being and health of my clients is always first priority.

Through my years of experience, I sourced for ingredients which would be most suitable for hair. Honey, peppermint, tea tree oil, activated charcoal and more – all these were ingredients that had many health benefits, and we want to use the best grades with highest concentration of ingredients to deliver high quality hair care products.

When it comes down to the formula of each product, my rule is simple: I will only give my clients products that I would use myself. As such, I am the first person to test each product, to ensure they are good enough for my personal use. Only then would I be confident in sharing the products with my clients.

It took time, but eventually, we managed to achieve the right mix for our signature shampoos and products, with each one specially formulated to tackle different hair care problems. And up till now, we’re continuing to expand this line with even more products made with natural ingredients!